Meet Our Infectious Disease and Travel Medicine Specialist: Dr. Juan Ambrosioni

Dr. Juan Ambrosioni is a MD, PhD, Infectious disease and Travel Medicine specialist at Turó Park Medical Center. Dr. Abrosioni obtained his medical degree in 2001 and Infectious Diseases Specialty in 2006 from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s also Master of Infectious Diseases of the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Ambrosioni has been consultant for infectious Diseases at the Geneva University Hospital between 2008-2013, joining the Hospital Clinic, Barcelona of the University of Barcelona in 2014.

Infectious Diseases can emerge as a complication of any specialty in Medicine. In addition, travel to tropics or developing countries is at risk of infectious complications, being recommended a pre-travel consultation, at least two weeks before travelling.

Dr. Ambrosioni is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

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