Meet Our Pediatritian: Dra. María Dolores Terradas

Dra. María Dolores Terradas is the pediatitian at Turo Park Medical Center. Dra. Terradas graduated in Medicine in Barcelona in 1986, and obtained the specialty in Pediatrics in 1992. She continued her training with a two years Fellowship program in Pediatric Intensive Care in Houston, and one-year Registrar program at the New Children’s Hospital in Sydney. She has worked in the Emergency Room of several Hospitals in Catalonia as well as several outpatient clinics, both in the public and private sectors in Spain.

Dra. Terradas offers her patients a relaxed atmosphere where parents can express without any rush their doubts and questions about the care for their child from 0 to 14 years old. She has a deep respect for any culture or ideology and loves to take care of children in the less possible invasive manner.

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