Meet Our Speech Therapist: Dra. Sofia Zelou

Dra. Sofia Zelou is the Speech Therapist at Turó Park Medical Center. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree at the University of Speech Language Therapy of Greece , Sofia obtained a Master in “Neurologopedia” (“The Speech Language Therapy after brain damages”) from Barcelona’s Hospital Santa Creu and Sant Pau.

She treats speech, language and voice disorders and is specialized in language, speech and swallowing disorders due to brain damages or neurological injuries, syndromes and neurodegenerative diseases.

Sofia works both with children and adults. She is expert in the treatment of communication disorders associated with autism and certified in the use of Increasing and Alternative Communication Systems.

Sofia is a teacher in the Braille system and knows sign language in Greek and in English.

She speaks perfect Spanish, Catalan, English and Greek and her sessions are held in these languages.

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