Medical Analysis Clinic

Turó Park Medical Center also works as a Medical Analysis Clinic in the mornings in partneship with LABCO – a European leader in diagnostic testing and pathology.

LABCO was established in Barcelona in 1991, it now operates in eight countries and is one of Spain’s most respected Medical Analyses laboratories. LABCO ensures that the patient is always put first, with fast and accurate results.

Once the results are finalized, doctors and patients can receive alerts via SMS or email, being able to collect the results in person, or see or print them using a web access in a secure environment. The results are available the same day in 95% of cases.

LABCO makes it easier for doctors with a quick and easy access to results, facilitating interpretation and providing diagnostic accuracy.

Medical Analysis Clinic
Medical Analysis Clinic

Tests include:

Fatty Acids
ADGen (Alzheimer predisposition)
AginGen (age related disease)
Sleep Disorders
BrainScreenCardioGen (cardiac diseases)
CardioGen (evaluation cardiac disease predisposition)
Cardiovascular disease
Dermascreen (ageing of the skin)
Oxidative Stress
Intestinal Disbiosis (evaluation of intestinal flora)
Gluten intolerance
HPV OnctoTect (early cervical cancer detection)
Melisa (allergies)
MigraTest (enzyme DAO activity)
neoBona (advanced non-invasive prenatal testing)
And many more.

The Medical Analysis Clinic is open at the Turó Park Medical Center  from Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 9pm.

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