A Team of Top Doctors®

Top Doctors® is the world’s medical team of reference in international private medicine. It has specialists of great renown in each specialty in Europe, Latin America and the USA. It came about with the objective of answering a clear need: knowing which is the best specialist to go to when facing a health problem.
For 25 years, Top Doctors® has had the world’s most rigorous doctor selection system. The system is so demanding that only 1 in 10 doctors has sufficient merit to become part of Top Doctors®.
The objective is to form the world’s most prestigious medical team and to help patients to use Top Doctors® to find the best specialist for their case.

Each Top Doctors® specialist has had to pass this 5-step process:

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  1. Top Doctors® periodically asks thousands of doctors to nominate the specialists they would turn to in cases of illness in themselves or their family.
  2. Then, using more than 10 selection criteria, the independent consultant Adecco Medical & Science audits the career path of each doctor to guarantee that they are an excellent professional.
  3. Additionally, the Top Doctors® Medical Committee, formed of internationally renowned doctors, ensures that excellence is maintained in the selection process.
  4. The Top Doctors® experts complete the evaluation with a personal interview with the specialist in their own medical centre.
  5. To finish, we use real reviews from patients who confirm the doctor’s bedside manner with their comments.

Here at Turó Park Medical Center some of our doctors are already certified with Top Doctors®

Meet our certified Team:


Expert in: Invisible Orthodontics  | Lingual Orthodontics | Accelerated Orthodontics | Aesthetic Orthodontics  | Adult Orthodontics  | Pediatric orthodontics | Dental esthetics

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Physical therapy

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