Meet Our Life Coach: Inez Van Asselt

inez life coach

We are happy to welcome our new Life Coach, Inez Van Asselt, here at TPMC! Inez is originally from the Netherlands where she obtained her Masters degree (2001) in Clinical Psychology and post-graduate training in Counseling. Inez has a wide range of professional experience and expertise in the clinical field. After moving to Barcelona she started to focus her personal and professional interest on life coaching, personal growth and self-development.

Inez helps and supports families and individuals that go through various life events, struggles and difficulties or people who simply would like change or growth to happen in certain areas of their life.

Her approach is based on a variety of effective and practical methods that focus on increasing self-awareness and include working through emotions, mindfulness techniques and changing limited beliefs so that we can actually thrive and achieve greater fulfillment, freedom and happiness.

Inez offers a relaxed environment where clients can express themselves freely. She believes that consulting a life coach should be as accessible and as normal as seeking health care for physical problems.

She works with adults as well as adolescents and speaks English, Spanish and Dutch fluently.

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